Monica Parikh


Monica Parikh

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Approximately ten years ago, I thought I had it all: a terrific husband, a fulfilling career and a beautiful home. Until one day my husband proclaimed that he no longer wanted to be married and walked out the door. 

No explanation. No fighting. No drama.

Without answers or closure, I was heartbroken, confused and devastated. I cried until I was out of tears. Despite an Ivy League education, I was failing at the thing that mattered most to me — a loving and happy relationship.


My heartbreak became
the catalyst for a better and
more authentic life.


I got busy — figuring out my part, undoing old habits that no longer served me and studying relationship psychology, spirituality and communication techniques from experts. I also dated prolifically--to figure out the key behaviors that lead to success.

 Now, I teach women and men how to:

  • Transcend grief, using it as a catalyst for self-analysis and improvement;

  • Date effectively by tackling ineffective behaviors & flawed beliefs;

  • Cultivate emotional intelligence and self-love, so intimacy deepens over time; and

  • Resolve conflict using techniques of non-violent communication.


My clients report feeling stronger,
more confident and empowered.
They also attract healthy
and available people.
Many fall in love for the first time.


A graduate of Northwestern University and Cornell Law School, I have learned that school does not prepare us for relationship literacy. My writing weaves together relationship advice with positive psychology and spiritual truths. I try to keep it simple and real, so I can help others achieve healthy relationships—the most important factor for a lifetime of happiness.

I write for international publications like MindBodyGreen and, coach private clients and give motivational speeches. My work has been featured in Marie Claire Magazine, Audible UK, Stella UK, The New York Post, and The Jenny McCarthy Show on Sirius XM radio.

In my free time, I enjoy international travel, gourmet cooking, and hip-hop music. Before sunrise, I am either biking, standing on my head or walking my dog, Freddy Mercury. My relationships are the most valuable asset in my portfolio and the yardstick by which I will measure my life's success. If you see me in NYC (or any other far-flung locale), stop and say hi. I've never met a stranger. 

In 2018, I will release "Take Back the Power"—a modern fable about breakups aimed to raise collective consciousness. 


Expert Collaborators

Expert Collaborators

Aimee Hartstein, LCSW

Relationship therapist Aimee Hartstein specializes in working with clients during the crisis period that precedes and follows the end of a relationship. "Many feel that they will never recover from heartbreak," says Aimee. "But, if this time is managed wisely, what feels like death can actually be a rebirth. Clients often discover new parts of themselves and create a more authentic life going forward." Aimee received her Masters in Social Work from New York University and advanced training from Washington Square Institute. 


Melvin Browning

Melvin Browning is that best friend who gives sage advice based on 22 years of dating in NYC.  Remember the advice-giving Peanuts character, Lucy, and her 5 cents cup?  He is her with a PayPal account.  He’s willing to assist anyone in need, but do not think of him as the supportive “Magical Black Character” found in films.  You cannot use him like Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost to dance with your dead boyfriend.  And, unlike Michael Clarke Duncan in The Green Mile, he does not cure bladder infections and bring dead pet mice back to life.  He will, however, provide you with a funny, grounded point of view in a unique voice that readers laud "hysterical & true." He is a graduate of New York University School of Law.  His relationship status is--sane.