Why Gaslighting Is a Form of Emotional Abuse You NEED to Know About

We are 100% pro-women over here at School of Love NYC. Nothing causes us more anguish than watching a woman have her bright light diminished by an emotionally abusive partner.

Some forms of emotional abuse are so subtle or confusing that a victim doesn't know what's happening until the damage is done. When Bustle.com approached us to talk about a particularly insidious form of abuse called "gaslighting," we jumped at the chance to shed light on this important topic. 

Gaslighting often goes unrecognized, so it's important to be aware of all its nuances. Because it's not as "straightforward" as physical abuse, the victim might have a hard time realizing abuse is happening, and can eventually become so worn down that he or she is totally dependent on the abuser (which is, of course, the abuser's intent).

To read more on this important topic, follow Bustle.com's article. We hope you share with your family and friends who can benefit, too.

Warmest, Monica & Aimee


Monica Parikh