Single in the City

I love to talk to strangers.  NYC provides ample opportunity to widen the social circle with cool people!

Last Wednesday night, my love, Bill, and I were on a  stroll in the West Village.  I forced him to take a selfie of us and the skyline, although his arm isn't long enough to capture the entire 1 World Trade Center.  Thankfully, a stranger intervened and offered his assistance.

I couldn't help but ask if he was single, as he was so cute and polite (not to mention impeccably-dressed!)  When he replied "yes," I was off to the races!  

I decided to start a new column on this blog--"Single in the City"--as a (hopefully) great way for people to meet.  This guy is a keeper for his occupation alone! (See below.)

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Name:  Daniel A.

Age:  26

Occupation: Baker (of cupcakes!)

Interested in:  Men

Who is your ideal mate?  Ideally, someone my age or older. I like someone who can laugh and not take themselves too seriously. Someone who enjoys a night out as much as a night in. Must like food! Family is important-- ideally, they are close with theirs. 

Do you think NYC is a great place for love?  My motto is "grow where you are planted" and I think NYC really provides a chance to meet great people and have great experiences. NYC is definitely a place to find love, but it starts with you. 

What is your favorite romantic film?  "It Happened One Night" is such classic film. Opposites can attract! 

What would constitute a perfect date?  Hmm, cooking a meal together never goes out of style. You can really get to know someone during that process. Or even taking a class both of us haven't done! That could be fun. 

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Monica Parikh