#1. All Relationships Hit a Crisis Point.

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“Tomorrow is my engagement party. I am about to cancel it. Can I schedule an emergency session with you?”

* * *

As a speaker, writer and coach with a global audience, I am privy to all types of relationship issues. Believe it or not, everyone struggles in similar ways.

Through my business, School of Love NYC (www.schooloflovenyc.com), I teach clients the emotional skills necessary to succeed in relationships. Many come to me after searing heartbreak. I teach the heartbroken to raise their vibrational frequency and take back their power. As they step into greater joy, connection and purpose, many attract emotionally healthy and giving partners for the first time.

* * *

“What’s going on?” I ask Tara.

“It’s his family. They are crazy.”

“How so?”

“His Mom is overbearing. She tells him what to do. He obeys as if he’s still a child tied to her apron strings!”

“Tell me more,” I reply.

“He still lives with his parents, although he is 34 years old!”

“Oh wow.”

“It’s not only his mother. His cousin Maggie is so hateful. Every time I speak, she rolls her eyes. She does it right in front of my fiancé, Matt. He pretends he doesn’t see it.”

“How you are feeling?”

A large component of my work is centered on re-connecting my clients to their emotions.

Society is increasingly distracted by technology and social media. People are so busy—and over-leveraged—they often run on autopilot. This disconnection can have disastrous consequences for emotional health.

Feelings keep us safe; it’s important that we notice them.

“I’m very stressed out. We invited nearly 150 people to the engagement party. But, my gut knows something is wrong,” she replied.

“What do you think is wrong?” I ask.

“He can’t marry me. He’s already married—to his mother!” she cried. “Plus, our relationship is out of balance. I do everything—the shopping, cooking, bills, cleaning, and social planning. I’m carrying 90% of the load.”

Statistics point to a decline in marital satisfaction. 50% of marriages end in divorce. Of those who remain together, only 3 out of 10 couples report being happy.

Over ten weeks, I will publish a series of articles about relationships. These articles will ask provocative questions about the intersection of relationships, psychology and spirituality. At the end of each article, I will pose questions to help you process the information.

To receive the answers—and to be notified of the release of my upcoming serial series “Take Back the Power” (which details the step-by-step process to heartbreak to attract healthy love, heal old wounds and step into a life of greater freedom and purpose)—subscribe to my website, School of Love NYC (www.schooloflovenyc.com).

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Monica Parikh