#1A. All Relationships Hit a Crisis Point (Answers).

1. What does it mean to “take back the power” after heartbreak?

 Too many people allow their happiness to be dependent upon external circumstances. If their relationship is happy, they feel happy. If their relationship ends, they enter an emotional spiral. This type of thinking is dangerous—as their happiness is largely outside of their control. I teach clients to “take back the power”—so they can experience joy, freedom and peace no matter what is happening in life. 

2. What is vibrational frequency? What does it have to do with dating and romance?

We all emit a certain “frequency.” People with a higher frequency emanate positive feelings naturally. They are joyful, uplifting and inspiring.

As I teach clients to take back their power, they return to a state of bliss. This frequency naturally attracts good to them in all forms—better jobs, higher pay, and more opportunity. Those of higher frequency also attract more inspiring partners who meet them on their level.

3. What is wrong with the situation Tara describes—one in which she is doing the bulk of the work in the relationship?

Healthy relationships are based on “mutuality”—where there is an equal give and take. She is doing all the giving, but not receiving anything in return. She will not only be depleted, but resentful. A happy marriage cannot be built on this foundation.

Monica Parikh