#2A. All Roads Lead to Eden (Answers).

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Although she loved her fiancé Matt, Tara knew something was wrong. At the end of the story, I ask specific questions about higher consciousness.

The answers are below:

1. What's the difference between a man and a boy?

The greatest difference is that a man takes responsibility for himself and others--seeking the greatest good for all. We often equate adulthood with age, but nothing is further from the truth! Look around and you'll witness plenty of 60 year old boys!

Here's a quick and dirty checklist:

  • A man takes care of others. A boy takes care of himself.

  • A man has empathy. A boy only wants to get his own needs fulfilled--often at the expense of others.

  • A man’s words and actions match. A boy makes empty promises.

  • A man wants to give. A boy wants to receive. 

  • A man takes responsibility to fix problems. A boy blames others. 

  • A man sees relationships as a place to grow into a better human. A boy sees relationships as a trap. 

  • A man is psychologically separated from his family. A boy is still tethered to his family—often at the expense of his partner. 

  • A man has a purpose. A boy has a job.

My upcoming serial series, "Take Back the Power," explains this concept more fully.

2. What's troubling about Matt's relationship with his family?

A romantic partner or spouse should be top priority. This person deserves the utmost respect--and an unwavering allegiance.

Matt still sees his family of origin, not Tara, as his first priority. He wants to please his family--often at her expense. The marriage will suffer under tremendous strain until Matt's psychological and emotional separation has occurred.

3. What does it mean to travel to Higher Ground?

The development of consciousness is like climbing a mountain--arduous, challenging and frightening! But, the higher you climb, the more enjoyable are the views. You are able to live a life of true freedom and authenticity.

Relationships are the mirror in which we see our own behavior. They show us where we have been selfish, impatient, self-denigrating, controlling, judgmental and fearful.

To evolve out of these lower states of consciousness, we must face ourselves. We have to ask very hard questions:

  • Why have we behaved this way? 

  • Have we been conditioned to be afraid?

  • Is our behavior hurtful to ourselves or others?  

  • How can we evolve to a higher spiritual and moral place--inspiring others to follow our lead and setting an example for children and future generations?  

  • How can we create heaven on earth--a place of greater love? 

The goal of spiritual growth is to attain higher and higher states of divinity. It all starts with us--becoming the most loving and Godlike version of ourselves.

Monica Parikh