#3A. Faith Over Fear (Answers).


In the last installment, I described Tara's fear over ending relationship with Matt.

I asked several questions pertaining to faith, fear and intuition. The answers are below:

1. Why is faith so important?

God wants to support you to live your best life. At times, He brings challenges intended to grow you emotionally, mentally & spiritually. Just as steel is forged in fire, you are also strengthened through times of hardship.

Faith is hope absent evidence. When the road is dark, faith will lead you towards the right path. Everything is happening for your benefit.

2. Will your heart always know the way?

God resides within you. No one—neither a Pastor nor President—knows better than you the right path to take.

As society has gotten increasingly busy (through work, multi-tasking, technology, and social media), you’re at an increased risk of losing that connection to God’s voice within you.

Develop quiet time (through meditation or prayer) so you can heed your internal compass. The right steps will be revealed as you take time to listen.

3. Tara feels that Matt is not interested in meeting her needs. Is this dangerous? Or just typical within a romantic relationship?

You must invest in relationships with people who are interested in your feelings.

Narcissists are notorious for devaluing the feelings and needs of their partners. Matt’s reaction to Tara’s concerns (including his inability to communicate) is concerning.

Relationships only prosper when both partners commit themselves to the process of spiritual and emotional growth.

Tara’s intuition is ringing for a reason.

Monica Parikh