The Sisters Kassimir On America's Need for a Collective Orgasm.


I cannot tell a lie:

When I started to coach women and men on love and relationships, I had no idea that I would open the Pandora’s Box of human sexuality. I keep all client information strictly confidential. Accordingly, people share their deepest bedroom secrets.

Before long, I noticed a troubling trend…

Americans are not having sex.

In fact, Time Magazine released an article in October 2018 entitled, “Why are We All Having So Little Sex?” A variety of factors is killing our sex drive. And, of those couples who are having sex….it’s frequently of low-quality and short duration.

Mick Jagger was right all along, “[We] can’t get no satisfaction.”

When my hairdresser introduced me to the Kassimir Sisters, I jumped at the chance to speak with them. Remy, the Executive Producer and Host of the podcast How Cum, was 28 and had never experienced the big O. Like any dedicated student, she began to interview experts who gave her tools to learn the art of pleasure. Her sister, Charlotte, now serves as Executive Producer and they are starting a global conversation in hopes of taking this formerly taboo topic mainstream.

To start, I asked two important questions:

Are we in the midst of an orgasm epidemic in the United States? Globally?

Remy: Yes, there is a massive pleasure gap between straight men and women…and we are trying to close it.

Why are orgasms important to our physical and emotional health?

Charlotte: Orgasms are literally a release. Just like crying or laughing, an orgasm is the natural bodily function intended to make humans feel better. They can also be super-empowering, especially when self-induced.

These hilarious sisters had me laughing, as we collectively agreed that America would be best-served with a collective orgasm and cigarette, especially during these politically volatile times. To hear the full interview, click here.

To find their podcast, How Cum, on I-Tunes click here.