Take Back the Power


This 4-Week course is for the heartbroken. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel depressed and anxious.
  • Your eating or sleeping patterns have changed.
  • You are grieving the past--and afraid for the future.
  • You are READY to reclaim your happiness, but are confused how to do so.

In one month, you will: 

  • Accept life's challenges, using pain as the catalyst to greater self-awareness.  
  • Develop self-care to ease your pain and suffering.
  • Understand the relationship skills you must develop for a conscious relationship.
  • Picture a better and brighter future.

Take Back The Power begins on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 7:30pm EST. 

Former clients have raved:

"I can't tell you the impact that this course had on me. Even after the first class, I was making changes, stepping out of my comfort zone, shifting my thinking, and questioning who I am and what I want. There was nothing but love and support from each member of this group and I am so glad that I got to be a part of it."

* * *

"Monica is a wonderful guide! I learned so much about myself--more than I ever dreamed was possible in such a short amount of time."

* * *

"I was so sad when the class finished! I enjoyed all the sessions, as well as the readings, homework and interacting with the other ladies. Monica is a beautiful spirit with great insight. I am so glad to call her a mentor and a friend."  

Are you ready to make big changes in 2018? If so, register now. Space for this class is EXTREMELY limited.

Class will be held via teleconference. If you cannot call-in at the designated hour, you can listen to the recording at your convenience. 

Questions? Email me at: monica@schooloflovenyc.com.