Retreats FAQ

1.     Why has School of Love NYC moved into global travel?

    Travel expands consciousness. As you see new places & make friends from around the world, you move beyond pre-conceived limitations. Plus, you understand the places, people and experiences that make this world remarkable.

2.    Who attends these retreats?

    School of Love NYC retreats are open to all current and former clients on a first-come, first-served basis. The retreats are small by design to maintain the high-vibrational atmosphere. (The average group size is 10 people.) Small groups offer security, access, camaraderie that you cannot enjoy any other way.

    (Persons who are not SOLNYC clients may submit an application for one of these limited spots.)
3.     Are prices all-inclusive?

    All vacation packages are competitively priced and thoroughly transparent. Out-of-pocket costs will be listed.

4.      Is there a single supplement?

    Rooms are priced based on shared occupancy. Since most guests are solo travelers, SOLNYC can assist in pairing you with a roommate. There is an additional charge if you would like a single suite.

5.      How are the retreat locations chosen?

    Locations will vary, but will be among the world's most up-and-coming hotspots. They all share: exceptional vistas, decadent food and wine, reliable infrastructure and political stability. Please be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.

6.      What are the evening events?

    On most evenings, you will enjoy a sumptuous group meal. Some nights will include a variety of wellness activities: star-gazing, forest bathing, saunas, reiki, dancing, or wine tasting. But, on other evenings, you will have the freedom to explore on your own.
7.      Do your tours include international airfare?

    Clients come from all over the world, so it is not possible to include airfare within pricing.
8.      Are these trips co-ed?

    We aim to maintain a 50:50 ratio of the world's most exceptional women and men. Many clients find the love of their lives while in these stunning locales.
9.     Is there an age limitation?  

    SOLNYC has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind, including age.
10.    What clothing should I pack?

    We recommend packing as light as possible. Prior to your departure, you will be given an itinerary of activities. It's just as important to look good as to feel good.