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I welcome the opportunity to book
group presentations. Below are popular topics:


The 3 Biggest Mistakes You're Making in Your Dating Life

And How to Fix Them

Far too many people are unsatisfied in their romantic relationships. They change partners--hoping for a different outcome--only to find themselves dissatisfied all over again. As Paulo Coehlo once wrote, "Every time we repeat the same mistake, the price goes up." 

In this presentation, relationship therapist Aimee Hartstein, LCSW and I unearth the secrets to finding a productive and happy romantic relationship. We cover: (1) why dating & relationships are integral to lifelong happiness and success, (2) the biggest mistakes men & women make that self-sabotage their chance at a productive romance, and (3) the small, proactive steps that produce big results. Marrying personal experience with professional acumen, our presentation is warm, engaging and humorous. One recent attendee wrote, "I'm only giving you both a 10 because I can't give you a 100--you were just that good." 

Heartbreak Breakthrough

Using love lost as a catalyst to a brighter, better you.

Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. After traumatic betrayal and loss, many people find themselves devastated and stuck in grief and anger--unable to face the future with optimism and hope. Relationship therapist Aimee Harstein, LCSW and I believe that heartbreak is the first step to a new beginning. In this course, we cover: (1) the science behind why heartbreak hurts, (2) how to grieve productively and learn from your mistakes (to avoid repeating them), and (3) why forgiveness is integral to attract new love. This presentation is a powerful step for people who yearn to discover their own strength and fortitude, so they may unleash their strongest and most authentic self.