MasterMind Group

MasterMind Group


MasterMind Groups are for the advanced student (who has taken the prerequisite coursework)

Over 12 sessions, I will teach spiritual, psychological, and relationship principles on a deeper level. You can expect huge changes in every area of your life in as little as 3 months.

Current courses include:

  • Seduction As Power (This course is for the woman who wants to create social change by becoming a powerful and effective influencer by harnessing her divine energy.)

  • Live Your Purpose (Harness your unique talents to build a legacy that impacts others in profound ways.)

  • Forgive and Be Free. (This course is for those who are ready to let go of old hurts to raise their personal vibration and collective consciousness.)

  • Goddess I (Advanced techniques in seduction to create a conscious relationship that serves a higher spiritual purpose.)

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These MasterMind Groups will meet for 12 sessions. You will be part of a fun, supportive and uplifting community where you feel safe to share your most vulnerable secrets and create inspired change.

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