Stitched Up: A Primer for Healing After Heartbreak

Stitched Up: A Primer for Healing After Heartbreak


As a highly-successful dating coach and a relationship therapist respectively, Monica and Aimee have not only experienced heartbreak, but have counseled countless women and men through their grief after a broken romance. 

Has a breakup left you reeling? This 41-page e-guide is a collection of previously published articles on heartbreak. Inside, we cover:

  • Why Heartbreak Hurts
  • Behaviors to Stop After a Heartbreak
  • Making Peace in Your Home Alone
  • Learning from--Not Repeating--Past Mistakes
  • Brokenhearted, Not Broke
  • Freeing Yourself from the Ghost of an Ex
  • Alone, Not Lonely
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • 25 Ways to Be Happier (And Why Your Relationship Depends Upon It)
  • Relationship Myths

We also include a "7-Day Meditation to Heal Heartbreak." This e-guide is a must-read for anyone looking to prosper after love lost.

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