Virtual Tele-Courses FAQ

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Virtual Tele-Courses

1.     Will I find a romantic partner? What benefit will I get for taking these classes?

The vast majority of my clients enter healthy, happy and mutually-beneficial relationships after working with me. However, I cannot guarantee this.

I will teach you how to raise your emotional intelligence in profound ways. You’ll be happier and more vibrant in your day-to-day life. You’ll forgive big hurts that are holding you back. You will learn the counter-intuitive skills of the world’s most charismatic people. When you meet the right person, you'll be ready.

2.    What is the format of your classes?

All group classes are conducted by tele-conference. By either phone or computer, you will access a virtual classroom from the comfort of your own home. Students from around the world are learning no matter the time zone!

In a confidential, supportive and positive setting, you will experience profound healing. My past clients report:

  • Higher self-esteem;
  • Decreased stress and anxiety;
  • A feeling of worthiness;
  • The power to speak their truth calmly; and
  • Happier relationships with colleagues and loved ones.
3.     I can't attend the all the sessions. Should I sign up anyway?

Yes! If you cannot make the live call, you can access the recorded session. I have students from India, Spain, Ireland and South Africa all learning and growing in their free time.

4.      What makes your classes different from other coaches?

My courses blend relationship advice with positive psychology, non-violent communication and spiritual truths.

Client service is my #1 goal. For this reason, I maintain strict policies about confidentiality and decorum. You can expect a warm and welcoming environment without judgment or negativity.

5.      Is this different than therapy?

These courses are not therapy, nor are they meant as a replacement for individual psychotherapy. However, many students report that the classes are a perfect complement to the work that they are doing in individual counseling.

6.      Are these classes different than “28 Days to Attracting Your Best Relationship,” which is sold on mindbodygreen?

Yes. The class on mindbodygreen is an introduction to my work, as each session is less than 5 minutes a day. These classes offer a more in-depth and substantive study of relationships.

7.      Is there homework?

You will have weekly reading and assignments. Most homework can be completed within an hour. This homework is a lot more fun than your high school Algebra class! In fact, most of my clients are sad when class ends.