Virtual Tele-Courses

The curriculum below has been designed to increase your emotional intelligence and relationship literacy. These courses are best taken in sequential order. However, you may enjoy any course in isolation, as there is no pre-requisite for any class.


TC-1: Take Back the Power

The essential seminar for those grieving the loss of love.


TC-2: Up Your Vibe

This 4-week series teaches you the Art of Zen to manage today’s chaotic world.


TC-3: Boundaries Make For Better Relations

Learn to speak your truth without fear, obligation or guilt.

TC-4: 4 Weeks to Your Best Love Life

Harness the secrets of the world’s greatest daters. Feel confident and empowered to make healthy choices that lead to greater happiness.


TC-5: Preparing the Path for Love

(A 12-Week Journey to Conscious Relationships)

Advanced coursework for those interested in a Conscious Relationship that serves a higher spiritual and psychological purpose.

TC-6: Empathy & Emotional Regulation

Advanced techniques in empathy, whereby you balance another's needs with your own.


TC-7: MasterMind Group

In a group of 4-6 women, Masterminds cover advanced topics in psychology & spirituality. Courses include:

  • Seduction As Power

  • Live Your Purpose

  • Forgive and Be Free

TC-8 2019 “Change My Life” Bundle

One year of Monica’s most popular courses.


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