The curriculum below has been designed to increase your emotional intelligence and relationship literacy. These courses are best taken in sequential order. However, you may enjoy any course in isolation, as there is no pre-requisite for any class.


TC-1: Take Back the Power
(Under Development)

The essential seminar for those grieving a break-up or loss of love.

TC-2: Boundaries Make For Better Relations
Learn to say “No” without fear, obligation or guilt.


TC-3: 4 Weeks to Your Best Love Life

Harness the secrets of the world’s best daters. Feel confident, empowered and vibrant all day, every day.


TC-4: Preparing the Path for Love (A 13-Week Journey to Conscious Relationships)

Advanced coursework for those interested in a Conscious Relationship that serves a higher spiritual and psychological purpose.


TC-5: Become Your Dream: Step into the Life You Were Born to Live

Learn how to set goals and develop a mindset for success when willpower isn’t enough.


TC-6: Master Your Fear: Expand Your Life

Confront fear & discomfort to meet big goals and step into the life you were born to live.


TC-7: Beliefs and Theories: The Foundation of Your Life

Recognize and change the unconscious thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck.


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